Dr Hauschka



30 min Express Cleanse  R350 
60 min Rejuvenating cleansing facial with steaming and mask  R700 
90min Dr Hauschka Facial with Foot and Hand Massage R1500


Hot or cold, sun or rain, stress, dirt and other environmental pollutants - our skin has to withstand a great deal every day.  It is precisely for this reason that we have developed the Dr. Hauschka daytime care products.  High quality plant extracts activate the natural moisture supply while essential oils and valuable waxes protectively pamper your skin without impairing its natural ability to breathe.  Our daytime care products are as diverse as you are.  Whatever your usual skin condition or your current stage of life, the valuable product compositions stimulate your skin's natural regeneration.  Pamper your skin with the care that it deserves, and then let your skin start the day feeling relaxed and protected.  

Cape Mobile Spa has designed facial techniques that are exceptional and will set your skin apart from everyone.  Following a treatment plan specific to your skin type and lifestyle, plus understanding and patience, is what is needed to achieve results.  Going from a skin care line to another hoping that it will fix the problem is not going to do work. 

THE POWER OF THE NIGHT – Dr.Hauschka Night Care

Nature shows us the way.  At night dew falls onto grass, flowers and petals, which glisten in the  first rays of the morning sun.  A fresh, rested appearance after a sound night's sleep is something that our skin can also enjoy if we support it with stimulating care that allows it to breathe.  It uses the night time hours to renew its cells while also dispelling excess metaboloic products through its pores.  At night it does not need protection against environmental influences, but instead needs the chance to naturally regenerate and breathe freely.  A cream will only slow down the processes and disturb the skin's naural rhythm.  

After evening cleansing, we therefore opt for night time care with stimulating and regenerating plant essences: 

  • Give yourself and your skin time to breathe and wake up in the morning refreshed and full of energy.

While we sleep, the skin steps up its activities: cells divide, metabolic wastes are eliminated – your skin regenerates.  Dr.Hauschka‘s night care products support these processes with stimulating and nourishing plant essences that are easily and completely absorbed by your skin.  This allows your skin to breathe freely as it is nourished, leaving you with a rosy and radiant morning complexion.

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